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the story

When their friends were all rockin’ spandex and big hair and playing Motley Crue, Poison and

Ratt, The Elect took a decidedly different tact. Getting heavily into roots music—playing it quite

well, actually. Perhaps they were onto something: today, The Elect is one of Indianapolis’

most sought-after bands—and what’s more—are poised to break out on the national scene.

If present company is any indication, then they are definitely on the right path. Today, the

band is signed to Daddy Real Entertainment on the Desa Records label; their first national

release, Minutes In Between (2012), was produced by Grammy-nominated Paul Mahern (John

Mellencamp’s co-producer for the past 20+ years). The band feels blessed to be surrounded by

great artists—who happen to be wonderful people: not the most common combination in this


It’s not surprising that the band is such a hit: imagine Joe Cocker fronting The Allman Brothers

Band with some Midwestern Americana thrown in—and you’ll get an idea of their sound.

Soulful vocals and a tight-as-nails band: yet everything is still organic, and they can turn musical

directions seamlessly, on a dime. They also mix in some wonderful covers when it strikes them.

(just don’t request any Cocker).

While the band’s sound will grab you instantaneously, their haunting melodies and powerful

lyrics will make you come back time and time again. Those lyrics cover a range of emotions—

yet it’s always the clear visual images that are so compelling. As in “You’ve Been Looking At Me

Funny,” which is both wry and lamenting: “been walking on the water, but I keep drowning in

the wine. And the bounds of good and evil, I keep tripping on the line.”

Like the band’s music, The Elect have a completely natural back-story. Michael Weir (guitar,

vocals and songwriter) and Chad Baker (backing vocals and drums) grew up across the street

from each other, and started the band when they were 15 (and looked 10). They soon

added Pete Lenges (guitar), Jimmy Tucker (percussion), and Brian Miller (backing vocals and

keyboards)—three school chums. Running sound was Sam Taylor, a top-flight engineer who

played bass extensively for Bobby Womack. When the band’s bassist bowed out, Taylor

stepped in as a favor. He enjoyed it so much he’s still in the band.

Lately, the band’s rep has been growing regionally, as they enjoy increasing word of mouth

buzz. They have opened for Johnny Rivers,Moon Taxi and for Little Feat—getting a sneak-preview of the

band’s yet-unreleased (at the time) collaboration with heavy-hitting singers including Bob Seger

and Dave Matthews.

For the near future The Elect will be promoting their latest CD, and continuing to tour around

the region. But this time around, they’ll be bringing their unique blend of roots rock to

audiences around the country.